In this post: Discover our Spring themed Spanish unit study for kids to learn all about la primavera! Learn Spanish vocabulary about spring and fun activities.

As the days grow longer and the temperature starts to rise, there’s a palpable sense of excitement in the air – it’s the arrival of la primavera, or spring!

Spanish spring printables with butterflies, tulips and baby animals

At Llamitas Spanish® we love thematic learning and we think this is the perfect season to spring into Spanish with your kids!

The four seasons are a wonderful opportunity to expose your child to new Spanish vocabulary about baby animals, flowers and the senses!

Spanish Vocabulary for La Primavera

Here are some useful spring themed words in Spanish:

  • Flores (flohr-ehs) = Flowers

One of the most enchanting aspects of spring is the burst of colorful flowers. From tulipanes (too-lee-pah-nehs) ~tulips to narcisos (nah-see-sohs) ~daffodils, the landscape becomes a canvas painted with nature’s brilliance.

  • Mariposas (mah-ree-poh-sahs) = Butterflies

La primavera brings a flutter of life with the emergence of butterflies. Encourage your little ones to learn about different butterfly species like la mariposa monarca (monarch butterfly) and their incredible migration journey.

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  • Pájaros (pah-hah-rohs) = Birds

Spring is synonymous with the sweet melodies of birds. Teach your children the names of some common birds like el gorrión (goh-rryohn) ~ sparrow and el petirrojo (peh-tee-rroh-hoh) ~robin as they build their nidos (nee-dohs) ~ nests and sing songs of the season.

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  • Crecimiento (kreh-see-myehn-toh) = Growth

Witness the magic of growth as plants and trees come to life. Explore vocabulary such as el brote (ehl broh-teh) ~bud and la hoja (lah oh-hah) ~ leaf while observing the transformation of nature around you.

Finally, the emergence of baby animals is arguably the cutest spring arrival. From ‘conejitos’ (koh-neh-hee-tohs) ~ bunnies, to ‘pollitos’ (poh-yee-tohs) and even corderos (kohr-deh-rohs)~ lambs, your children will love looking out for them in the countryside!

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Spanish Spring Flashcards

Spring Spanish Activities for Kids

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy la primavera! With the rich growth of nature and sunnier days, it’s a great time to get outdoors with your kids.

Some ideas we love are having a ‘merienda de primavera’ (a spring picnic!), a ‘búsqueda de tesoros’ (nature themed scavenger hunt), butterfly crafts, bird watching and so much more! 

You can even learn to ‘plantar un jardín’ (plant a garden) and practice words like ‘semillas’ (seeds), ‘sembrar’ (to sow) and ‘regadera’ (watering can).

We also highly recommend you check out our post about Spring themed Spanish books for kids. Take a trip to your local library and pick out a few to enjoy together!

Embrace the beauty of la primavera, explore the outdoors, and incorporate Spanish vocabulary to make the journey even more enriching.

La Primavera: Spring Themed Spanish Unit Study

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¡Vamos a explorar la primavera juntos! (Let’s explore spring together!)